XML handling

Learn how to translate XML content with the DeepL API.

By default, the translation engine does not take tags into account. By setting the tag_handling parameter to xml, the API will process XML input by extracting the text out of the structure, splitting it into individual sentences, translating them, and placing them back into the XML structure.

For the translation of HTML content please see HTML Handling

Sentences with Markup

If you want to translate text where individual parts are marked up, you can simply activate the XML engine by setting tag_handling to xml. The following examples show marked-up text and how it will be translated:


Press <i>Continue</i> to advance to the next page.


Drücken Sie <i>Weiter</i>, um zur nächsten Seite zu gelangen.

In general, placeholders are associated with the words preceding or following them in the source sentence and are then applied to their respective translations in the target sentence.

Ignored Tags

To ensure that elements in the original text are not altered in translation (e.g. trademarks or product names), use the ignore_tags parameter and specify a tag for this function.


tag_handling=xml, ignore_tags=x


Please open the page <x>Settings</x> to configure your system.


Bitte öffnen Sie die Seite <x>Settings</x> um Ihr System zu konfigurieren.

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