Alpha and beta features

Learn more about alpha and beta features in the DeepL API and how to best make use of them.

You might see API features in the documentation that are labeled as "alpha" or "beta". You can find the official definition in our terms and conditions (section 3.1.5):

3.1.5 DeepL is free to provide customers with additional functions in alpha or beta versions on a test basis ("Test Functions"). These Test Functions are marked as such or as alpha or beta. Test Functions are not the subject of this Agreement. DeepL may make them available voluntarily to all or individual customers and the Customer is not obliged to make any payment for the use of Test Functions. Test Functions are intended for test use by the Customer and evaluation by DeepL. They are not final products or features and may contain bugs or other inaccuracies. DeepL can change, adapt or discontinue the Test Functions at any time.

In summary, features labeled as alpha or beta:

  • Are not intended to be used in production

  • Could be deprecated by DeepL at any time and without advance notice

  • Could be changed in a way that breaks API clients relying on them at any time and without advance notice

Please keep this in mind when exploring or testing features labeled as alpha or beta.

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