Retrieve usage & quota

API reference for retrieving usage and quota with the DeepL API.

Retrieve usage information within the current billing period together with the corresponding account limits. Usage is returned for:

  • translated characters in the current billing period

  • character limits in the current billing period (if Cost Control is set, it will be reflected in the character_limit field in the response)

Character usage includes both text and document translations, and is measured by the source text length in Unicode code points, so for example "A", "Δ", "あ", and "深" are each counted as a single character.

We also provide a spec that is auto-generated from DeepL's OpenAPI file. You can find it here.

The example below uses our API Pro endpoint If you're an API Free user, remember to update your requests to use instead.

Example request: check usage and limits
curl -X GET '' \
--header 'Authorization: DeepL-Auth-Key [yourAuthKey]'
Example response
  "character_count": 180118,
  "character_limit": 1250000

If you are looking for general API Limitations please see here.

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