Test your API requests with Postman

Use our official Postman collection to get familiar with and test the DeepL API.

Whether you are just getting started with DeepL API, or you already have an integration running in a production environment, sometimes it's a great idea to have a safe test environment to try things out first.

For convenience, we've created a Postman collection that mirrors the DeepL API functionality and lets you test your API in a structured environment. For more information about Postman, check out their overview.

To get started, sign up for a developer account at deepl.com and get your authentication key from your account page.

Click the button below to fork the DeepL API collection into your own Postman workspace:

Run in Postman

In your forked collection, select the relevant baseUrl variable depending on you subscription (https://api.deepl.com/v2 for Pro, https://api-free.deepl.com/v2 for Free).

In the Authorization section of your forked collection, you will see the value DeepL-Auth-Key [yourAuthKey]. Change [yourAuthKey] for your own key and you're ready to go!

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