Cost control

How to limit your API consumption by setting cost control in your account.

The DeepL API plan offers you the option to set a limit on the number of characters that you can translate per month and thereby control your maximum costs. You only need to activate Cost Control in your DeepL Pro Account, under Plan.

To do so:

  1. Click Change cost control settings

  2. Tick the checkbox Activate cost control to enable

  3. Enter the maximum cost amount

  4. Save the changes

Your new cost control limit is applied immediately.

Once you have reached your limit, DeepL Pro will not process any further translation requests until the end of the billing period, in order to not exceed your set maximum cost. If you would like to translate more, you can make further changes at any time.

I have been notified that my Cost Control was raised, but I didn't raise it. What should I do?

Every time your Cost Control limit is raised, you will receive a notification email for security reasons. If you receive such a notification, but you did not raise your Cost Control limit, we highly suggest you reset your authentication key and the password to your DeepL Pro account as soon as possible.

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