Release notes

Brief summaries of recent DeepL API releases, such as support for new languages and document formats, new API parameters, and more.

In active development (a couple of highlights):

  • An official Ruby client library

  • Support for API key-level usage reporting

Q2 2024

  • Added support for new glossary languages: DA (Danish), NB (Norwegian Bokmål), and Swedish (SV)

Q1 2024

  • Added support for multiple API keys in a single account for Pro API and Free API users. More information is available in the multiple API keys guide.

  • Added support for a new language for text translation: AR (Arabic). As of this initial release, document translation is not supported for Arabic. More information is available here.

  • Added support for Korean (KO) as a glossary language, increasing the number of supported glossary language pairs from 55 to 66.

Q4 2023

Q3 2023

  • Launched DeepL Pro in South Korea (blog post here). This means users with billing addresses in South Korea can create DeepL Pro API and Free API subscriptions.

  • Added support for Portuguese (PT), Russian (RU), and Chinese (ZH) as glossary languages, increasing the number of supported glossary language pairs from 28 to 55.

  • Added support for JSON-encoded requests for all remaining endpoints (note that document upload for document translation still requires multipart/form-data).

Q2 2023

Q1 2023

  • Released an official DeepL Custom Connector for Microsoft Power Automate

  • Added support for glossaries in any combination of two languages from the following list: EN (English), DE (German), FR (French), IT (Italian), PL (Polish), NL (Dutch), ES (Spanish, JA (Japanese). This represents an increase from 8 to 28 supported glossary language pairs.

  • Added XLIFF as a document translation format (note that only documents from version 2.0 are supported, and there is no support for the legacy 1.2 format)

  • Added support for new languages for text and document translation: KO (Korean) and NB (Norwegian Bokmål). Blog post here.

Q4 2022

Q3 2022

Before Q3 2022

...and much more :)

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